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Thank you for visiting Malott.net!  The site began as the personal home page for myself, Mark Malott, but over the years the value has been in mainly getting information on the Malott family out there.  We get hundreds of hits a month from people looking for more information!

If your looking for Genealogical information on the Malott name you will find several pieces of useful information and links to other resources. It has been my experience that all people with the last name Malott are all descendents of Gedeon Merlet.  Gedeon , son of Josias Marles and Jeanne Robb, was born in Champagne, France 1624.  Gideon and his family moved to America on a ship called the Plumerland Church in 1663. 

Other surnames from this family line include: Mallott, Malott, Malotte, Marlate, Marlatt, Marlet, Marlett, Mellott, Melott, Merlet, Merlett, Merlette

Also - Check out this new article on the Marlatt-Merlet Family DNA Project

Alive and Well,
Mark Malott

November 2011


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