Genealogy Introduction
Mark Malott

In 1994 I received a solicitation to buy a book about a man named Gedeon Merlett.  I was skeptical and did not buy a copy.  I wish I had. I have since learned, through the power of the "Information Superhighway" that there is a great deal of information on my family and many many willing people that are eager to help you learn.   I am in debt to several people for their kindness.  I am amazed that I get emails nearly weekly from people eager to learn more. 

All of my finished or compiled material is on this site.  I continue to work on compilations and benefit from the great work of others who are willing to share what they have done on this site. 

It is my belief that anyone in the US and probably Canada too with any of the variant spellings of this name are related back to this one family!  So if your last name is Mallott, Malott, Malotte, Marlate, Marlatt, Marlet, Marlett, Mellott, Melott, Merlet, Merlett, or Merlette I say WELCOME Cousin!

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  • Delos Malott - Civil War era ancestor

Also - New to Malott.Net - Bill Marlatt's well known Family Tree page.  Bill's original site went offline and he graciously agreed to let me house a copy here.  This has been the best reference I have yet seen!  Just click the menu item on the left.

We have also added a great article by entitled "Abraham's Children and Grandchildren" By David B. Rorabacher (with assistance from William P. Marlatt)

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