Date: Thu Feb 20 13:42:37 1997
Name: Lisa Mallott Reskey
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Surname of Immigrant: Merle
Given name(s) of Immigrant: Gedeon LaPlante
Name of Ship: Der Permerlander Kerck (Pummberland Church)
Arrival Date: 12 Oct 1662

Origin of Immigrant: Champagne, Roucy, France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: abt 1624, Champagne, Roucy, France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: bef 1683 Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ
Immigrant's Spouse: Margueriet Martin
Source of Information: Second passenger list of the ship, "Der Permerlander Kerck", Captain Benjamin Barentsz
Immigrant's Children:
Josias Merle, b. 17 Sep 1645 d. abt 1715 s. Sarah Aliar LeFleve Peatt s. Anne Unknown s. Rebecca Waldron Deufort
Marie Merle b. 11 Sep 1646 d. bef 1662 s. Herman Janson
Esechias Paulus Merle b. July 26, 1648 d. bef 1662
Paul Paulus Merle b. 14 Sep 1653 d. 1679 s. Lysbeth Burwyck
Abraham Merlet b. 6 Jan 1655/56 d. 1714 s. Chretienne Billieu
Jean Pierre Merle b. 18 Apr 1658 d. 1702 s. Marie Mellemain s. Lisbet Vanderwael s. Widow Mary Jegou
Anne b. 1666 d. 25 Aug 1681

Notes: Gedeon and Margueriet were Hugenots, and with religious persecution running rampart in France and Germany, they fled Holland. They had been married in Walloon Church, Leiden, Zuid, Holland 21 Aug 1644. With the promise of lands in the New World, he signed on with the Dutch West Indies Company. Gedeon, wife and four sons are listed on the second passenger list of the ship "Der Permerlander Kerck". There were 29 passengers on board and they landed at "New Holland" on Oct. 12, 1662. Their daughter Maria, stayed in Holland and son Paulus had died young in Holland. April 1663, Gedeon joined the "Dutch Reformed Church" of New Amsterdam. On March 19, 1663, he and 6 other petitioned for land grants, temporary subsistance, and seed grain which would be repaid by the next harvest time. These petitions were granted and Gedeon and the two eldest sons were awarded 242 acres of land on Staten Island. Location was about midway on the island at "Fresh Kills" (Kills, in Dutch means large stream or river). They also received 40 acres at "Salt Meadows". (Copy of the petition from Albany, N.Y. State, Archives, NY, Colonial, Vol. 10)