From the host of Malott.Net - Here is all that I know about my line:

My father was named Leroy Joseph Malott, born June 11, 1931

My Grandfather was George Dewey Malott, born March 10, 1899, Sterling Township, Brown County Ohio.
His twin died at birth. He was one of 14 children, 8 still living in 1910. George and his twin were number 6 and 7. George married Anna South and later Married Mildred Adams, on May 8 1926.

George’s Father was William S. Malott
Married Lou Ann Stratton, on April 14th 1882, in Brown County Ohio. He died July 26th 1942. He is buried in Mount Orab cemetery.
Lou Ann was born May 1865, in Brown County, and died in 1944, and is buried beside William.

Delos C. Malott was born in Brown Co., OH 1824. He married Margaret E. Waits in Clermont Co., OH, 1853.

Prather Malott  (Second wife  Sarah Reeves) was born in Washington Co., MD 1790.

Theodore “Dory”  Malott was born in Washington Co., MD 1755. He married Ann Lane in Washington Co., MD, 1778.

Peter Malott was born in Frederick Co., MD 1727. He married twice. He married Sarah in Frederick Co., MD, 1752. He married Rebecca 1781.

Theodorus Mellott was born in New York, NY 27 January 1694.  He married twice. He married Catherine Marple in NJ, 1719. Catherine was born 1695. He married Catherine DeLashmutt in Annapolis, MD, 2 March 1727. (Catherine is Peter’s Mother – her descendants carry the spelling Malott and Catherine Marple’s Children are recorded as Mellott)

Jean Pierre Mellott was born in Mannheim, Germany 18 April 1658. He married twice. He married Mary Jerbou. He married Marie Bellemain in New York, NY, 1690. Marie was born 1660. Jean_Pierre Mellott and Marie Bellemain had only one recorded child – Theodorus.

Gedeon1 Merlet, son of Josias Marles and Jeanne Robb, was born in Champagne, France 1624. He married Margaret Martin in Leyden, Holland, 1644. Margaret was born 1622. Gedeon Merlet and Margaret Martin had the following children - Josias2 Merlet was born 1645. Abraham Marlett was born 1656. Jean Pierre Mellott was born 18 April 1658.

Josias Marles and Jeanne Robb (Born??)